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The Crazy Blu Legend kennel is recognized ENCI (Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia ) & FCI (Federetion Cynologique Internationale)

The Crazy Blu Legend Kerry Blue Terrier Kennel

We have always been great dog lovers, which has led us to participate in numerous dog shows.

But it was in 2010 that we came across, by pure chance, the dog that would later become our best friend and travel companion: a fabulous Kerry Blue Terrier.

Walking among the stands, from afar, our attention attracted our attention a small wad of black fur with heart-shaped ears, which in addition to being very sweet, also stood out for its unbridled vivacity.

The closer we got to him, the more we felt he was the dog we had always wanted: in our view an explosion of power, tenacity and beauty, in full terrier style!

Since then we have dedicated ourselves with love and dedication to our kerrys, trying to make this breed so little widespread in Italy, but so fascinating, known as much as possible.

In 2018, after so much apprenticeship, we decided to take the affix ENCI (Italian National Dog Association) recognized by the FCI (International Cynological Federation) with the name of “The Crazy Blu Legend”.

We have always worked with humility and commitment for our beloved Kerry Blue Terriers.

Our goal is to grow together, working day after day for the selection of an ever higher breed standard.

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Some Kerry Blue Terriers we have bred

Over the years we have bred many Kerrys and made several litters.

We have sold puppies in different parts of the world to some of the most respected dog lovers and professionals in the industry.

Thanks to them we have obtained several champions all over the world.

We will never stop thanking each of them for the trust placed in us.

Thank you all!

The Crazy Blu Legend Minerva

Sir (Ch Dandy Black & Blue Harley D) Dam ( Ch Janis Joplin Legend of The Crazy Blu)

  • Junior American Champion
  • Multy CAC & CACIB Winner
  • American Gran Champion

Breeder: Filippo Russo

Owner: Juan Grillo (Colombia)

Handler: Chelso Schneider (USA)

The Crazy Blu Legend Marte

Sir (Ch Dandy Black & Blue Harley D) Dam ( Ch Janis Joplin Legend of The Crazy Blu)

  • Greek Junior Champion
  • Greek Champion


Breeder: Filippo Russo

Owner: Papadima Sissy (Greece)

Handler: George Kanin (Greece)

Janis Joplin Legend of The Crazy Blu

Janis Joplin Legend of The Crazy Blu

Sir (Ch Perrisblu Pericles) Dam (Ch Balboa Turbina)

  • Multy CAC CACIB Winner
  • Campionessa Italiana 

Breeder: Filippo Russo

Owner: Filippo Russo (Italy)

Dandy Black & Blue Harley D.

Sir ( Ch Edbrios Rock me Amadeus) Dam ( Ch Dandy Black & Blue Isabella)

  • Multy BOG Winner
  • Italian Champion


Breeder: Angela Ban

Owner: Filippo Russo & Alessandro Pascoli (Italy)

Mick Jagger of The Crazy Blu

Mick Jagger of The Crazy Blu for Aryakas

Sir (Ch Perrisblu Pericles) Dam (Ch Balboa Turbina)

  • Multy BIS & BISS Winner
  • American Gran Champion
  • New Zealand Champion
  • Greek Gran Champion

Breeder: Filippo Russo

Owner: Nikolas Kanales (Gr) & Denise Clark in New Zealand (Australia)

Maryland Beatrice

Maryland Beatrice

Sir (Balboa Ottavio) Dam (Ducati)

  • Multy BIS Winner
  • Campionessa Italiana


Breeder: Filippo Russo

Owner: Alessandro Onizzi & Simona Caltabiano (Italy)

Handler: Filippo Tasselli & Alessandro Onizzi (Itlay)

The Crazy Blu California

Sir (Balboa Ottavio) Dam (Ducati)

Multy BIS Winner

  • Greek Gran Champion
  • Campionessa Italiana


Breeder: Filippo Russo

Proprietario: Nikolas Kanales (Greece)

Handler: Thodoris Brellas (Greece)


cuccioli kerry blue terrier

We are an amateur breeding and by our choice we make very few litters a year with selected breeders.
We select our kerrys for health and breed standards, with love and a lot of passion.

We entrust our puppies only and exclusively after 60 days of age, with regular ENCI pedigree, vaccinated and with microchip registered to the canine anagrage.

Before fostering it, it is important for us to know the future owners in order to guarantee maximum safety and future health for our puppies.


ORIGIN: Ireland.


used in the hard work of dealing with otters in deep water, to catch badgers underground and hunt rodents.
A good watchdog and faithful companion.


group 3 Terriers. Section 1 Large and medium sized Terriers. Without proof of work.


like other Irish Terriers the Kerry Blue is assumed to have been in the country for centuries but, again, due to its humble origins as a mouse hunter and well-rounded farm dog, there are little or no references to the breed until to before the 20th century.

The first probable literary references to Kerry Blue date back to 1847, the author describes a dog of bluish slate color, marked by darker spots, and often with a tinge of tan on the paws and muzzle. This blackish-blue Irish terrier is thought to have been most commonly found in the Kerry region, but has spread to other counties as well.

The kerry didn’t appear on show until 1913 and its breed club, the Dublin Kerry Blue Terrier Club was founded in 1920.
The Kerry Blue quickly became popular, a kind of mascot for the Irish patriots, who founded four clubs to promote the breed in a short period between 1922 and 1924, in those years they sponsored no less than six shows and six field trials. .

In 1928 this impressive balanced terrier, with its beautiful fluffy, wavy blue coat, became popular around the world and its reputation as a great working and companion dog has resulted in it being rated as a ‘close to perfection’ breed. .

Source: FCI 



There are physical characteristics of the Kerry that make it a dog particularly suited to apartment life and close coexistence with humans.

First of all, the hair of the kerry never falls and does not make the seasonal moult; so it is much easier to keep the house clean and, among other things, this feature makes it suitable for those who suffer from dog hair allergy.

Furthermore, the Kerry is one of the few dogs that does not produce odors from its skin, so it is enough to keep it clean and in good health, and in the house there will be no dirt and bad smells, if the dog is a Kerry Blue.


If you wonder why the tuft in front of the Kerry’s eyes, the answer lies in the fact that, being a dog built to fight pests, the tuft must protect the eyes from the claws of badgers, marmots, foxes, cats, etc…

Old Irish wish:
“ Can the wind always be behind you and a Kerry blue at the end of Your journey…”



the typical Kerry Blue must be very straight, well shaped and well proportioned, showing a well developed and muscular body with a defined terrier style.


decidedly terrier character. The most important factor, the expression, must be awake and alert.


the kerry also called “the champion of kisses” is the perfect playmate for every child, never aggressive with his family, which instead tends to protect from strangers.


Height at the withers: Males 45.5 to 49.5 cm Females 44.5 to 48 cm Weight Males 15 – 18 kg Females proportionately less.


Kerry Blue puppies are all born black in color, and remain so until around 18 months of age.

At that point, first in some parts of the body (especially in the legs) reddish reflections appear (oxidation of the hair), then ash gray tufts appear, and finally the hair becomes uniformly blue, where by blue we mean all the shades of the blue, from ash gray to dark blue.


The grooming of the Kerry Blue Terrier and the maintenance of its coat

As far as possible, we always advise future owners of our dogs to rely on professionals in the sector, as the grooming of kerry blue is not really easy to perform.

It takes years of experience to perform professional or expò grooming, this also involves the use of specific tools such as: scissors, clipper, brushes and specific combs as well as cosmetic and quality products.

However, for those wishing to try their hand at home it is not impossible to perform, always remember to use specific shampoos for dogs and to brush the hair often to avoid the formation of knots.

There are tons of kerry grooming videos online, both commercial to do at home, and from expò.

You can get an idea by watching this video and if you have specific questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us.

The grooming of the Kerry Blue Terrier is a fundamental operation for its well-being!

Here is our Kikka in a service broadcast on “Facciamoci Belli TV”

Accompanied by its wonderful owner for the first grooming treatments.

For more information about our dogs, pedigrees or available litters, follow us on social media or fill out the form below.

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